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Top 10 AI Image Generators for Crafting Breathtaking Visuals – Free and Paid!

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Through this article, we will delve into one of the most exciting areas of AI, exploring the list of AI image generators from text. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

Text to Image Generation: An Overview

Text to Image is the technique of automatically converting any text information into a realistic image. Deep learning neural networks are used in this method to analyze the text and generate related images. The AI Image Generators allow users to type words and sentences, and the algorithm generates graphics based on the text.

Leonardo AI Image Generators

Leonardo AI emerges as a cutting-edge solution in the realm of artificial intelligence, poised to transform the creative landscape. With its advanced algorithms and innovative features, Leonardo AI empowers users to delve into unprecedented realms of visual expression. This AI marvel goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering a seamless blend of technology and creativity. Whether you're an artist, designer, or enthusiast, Leonardo AI opens doors to a new era of possibilities. Join the wave of creative evolution as Leonardo AI redefines the way we interact with and harness the potential of artificial intelligence in the visual arts.


  • Intelligent Style Transfer
  • Dynamic Deep Art Effects
  • Collaborative AI Creation

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DALL-E 2 AI Image Generators

DALL-E 2, an initiative of OpenAI, stands out as the best AI art generator from the text. It creates realistic or artistic images based on natural language prompts. DALL-E 2 employs a diffusion model, allowing for the generation of four times the high-quality images compared to its predecessor. The signup process is straightforward, requiring only an email address or account from Google, Microsoft, or Apple.


  • Generates copyright-free images
  • Quick generation of high-quality images
  • Allows further customization

Starry AI Image Generators

Starry AI, a free AI art generator, offers greater customization compared to others. Developed by Mo Kahn, it splits art into Altair and Orion categories based on abstractness and friction. The signup process involves using a Google or Apple account, providing 5 free credits daily, and additional credits available for purchase.


  • Easy-to-use and watermark-free
  • Variety of art styles and themes
  • Option to add background to artwork

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NightCafe is a user-friendly AI art generator suitable for beginners. It combines genres to generate diverse arts and hosts daily challenges with rewards. Signup requires an email or Google/Facebook account, offering 3 initial credits and additional daily credits. Various subscription models with templates are available for purchase.


  • Create challenges and participate
  • Generates NFT art
  • Offers low to high-resolution art


Formerly Ganbreeder, Artbreeder combines multiple images to create a single image. Powered by machine learning, it leverages StyleGAN and BigGAN models. Signup requires an email or Google account, providing 10 free monthly credits. Features include a community page, contests, and private mode for subscribed users.

Artbreeder stands as a creative powerhouse, revolutionizing visual content creation with its unique features and user-friendly design. Its magic lies in seamlessly blending multiple images, offering users unparalleled creative freedom. The intuitive interface caters to both seasoned designers and novices, making the platform accessible to all.

What sets Artbreeder apart is its advanced customization options, allowing users to fine-tune details like color and texture with precision. The platform's vibrant community fosters collaboration, turning Artbreeder into a hub for shared creativity and inspiration.

Beyond experimentation, Artbreeder finds practical applications in character design, landscape creation, and various projects across industries. Continual AI advancements ensure that Artbreeder remains at the forefront of innovation.

Explore success stories showcasing Artbreeder's impact on real-world projects, affirming its position as a dynamic and essential tool for those seeking to craft visually stunning content. Dive into the world of Artbreeder, where AI meets creativity, and unlocks boundless possibilities.


  • Community engagement with shared work
  • Contests with exciting prizes
  • Private mode for protecting art


DeepAI aims to make open-source image creation accessible. The platform offers various APIs, including Text-to-Image, Image editing, and Colorization. Signup requires an email or Google/GitHub/LinkedIn account. It allows unlimited free image creation, with subscription models for additional features like security and API access.

The Deep AI Image Generator emerges as a groundbreaking tool, harnessing the power of deep learning to redefine visual content creation. Using intricate neural networks, this technology transcends traditional image generation, producing realistic and nuanced visuals. Its capacity to understand and replicate intricate patterns, textures, and details sets it apart. The Deep AI Image Generator offers a transformative experience for artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts, providing a seamless blend of sophistication and simplicity. By pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in image synthesis, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the realm of visual arts.


  • Unlimited free image creation
  • Image resolution customization
  • Glossary page for related images


Craiyon, developed by DALL-E Mini, is an AI image generator that learns from images. While limited in customization, it suggests prompts using ChatGPT. Signup is similar to others, requiring an email or Google account. Subscription plans, providing high-quality AI images, are available for purchase.

Craiyon AI Image Generator presents an innovative approach to visual content creation, combining creativity and artificial intelligence seamlessly. This cutting-edge tool employs advanced algorithms to generate compelling images with remarkable detail and style. Whether you're an artist, designer, or content creator, Craiyon AI offers a user-friendly platform that transcends conventional boundaries. Its intuitive interface and customizable features empower users to craft unique visuals effortlessly. Dive into a world where imagination meets technology, and let Craiyon AI elevate your creative endeavors with its transformative capabilities in image synthesis and generation.


  • Prompt-based pre-built AI art
  • Articles on optimizing prompts
  • Filters for art, drawing, photo, and none


Canva, a popular application for various design purposes, also includes text-to-image generation. It offers styles associated with photography, digital art, and fine art. Signup is easy, requiring an email or various account options. While unlimited images are free, a subscription plan unlocks additional customization features.

Canva AI Image Generator revolutionizes graphic design with its user-friendly interface and powerful artificial intelligence. Tailored for both beginners and professionals, Canva AI simplifies the creation of stunning visuals. Its intelligent features include automated design suggestions, smart layouts, and advanced image recognition. Users can effortlessly transform ideas into visually appealing graphics, whether for social media, presentations, or marketing materials. With Canva AI's intuitive platform and robust AI capabilities, the world of graphic design becomes more accessible, allowing individuals to unleash their creativity without compromising on quality or sophistication. Explore a new era of design with Canva AI Image Generator.


  • High-quality AI art/image generation
  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners
  • Versatile use for various design purposes

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is a free AI generator for creating AI art or visuals. Enter a prompt based on your requirements, and it generates AI images with various styles. Signup requires an email or Google/Apple account. Subscription plans offer additional outputs and resources.

Dream by WOMBO introduces a captivating fusion of creativity and artificial intelligence, redefining the music and visual experience. This innovative platform leverages AI to turn dreams into reality by generating personalized music videos. Users can immerse themselves in a surreal journey where their visions come to life through dynamic visuals and harmonious tunes. Dream by WOMBO transcends traditional artistic expression, providing a unique space for users to explore the synergy between imagination and AI. It exemplifies the transformative power of technology, offering an enchanting avenue for individuals to witness their dreams materialize in an artistic and melodic symphony.


  • Subscription model for multiple outputs
  • Various styles for realistic AI art
  • NFTs are available when connected to a wallet


Picsart, known for its editing tools, also serves as a free AI art generator. It includes AI, batch editing, and design features. Signup requires an email or various account options. While basic AI images are free, subscription plans offer additional customization with thousands of templates, stickers, and fonts.

PicsArt Image Generator stands as a dynamic force in the world of visual creation, blending user-friendly design with robust AI capabilities. This innovative tool offers a myriad of features, including powerful photo editing, AI-driven filters, and artistic effects. Users can seamlessly transform their photos into captivating masterpieces, exploring a vast array of creative possibilities. The platform's versatility caters to both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned designers, fostering a community-driven approach to visual expression. With PicsArt's intuitive interface and AI-enhanced functionalities, it remains a go-to choice for those seeking a comprehensive and accessible solution for elevating their images to new artistic heights.


  • Customization with filters, effects, and colors
  • AI images in various styles
  • Aspect ratio customization

Bing Image Creator

Based on an improved version of Microsoft's DALL-E model, Bing Image Creator allows image generation by describing words. Enter a prompt, and it generates four art variations. Signup requires a Microsoft account, and it offers features like the 'surprise me' prompt generator and customization through the Microsoft Designer tool.

Bing Image Generator impresses with its key features, offering an expansive repository of high-quality images for diverse needs. Its advanced search algorithms provide precise and relevant results, ensuring users find the visuals they seek effortlessly. The platform's user-friendly interface enhances the browsing experience, allowing seamless exploration of an extensive image collection. With intelligent filters, users can refine searches based on size, color, and type, tailoring results to specific preferences. Bing Image Generator's commitment to providing a vast, curated selection combined with intuitive search functionality makes it a valuable resource for individuals and professionals alike, streamlining the process of finding impactful visuals.


  • 'Surprise me' feature for random prompts
  • Four responses to a single prompt
  • Use Microsoft awards to expedite image creation


In this article, we've explored the top 10 free AI Art Generators trusted by various companies. These tools are not only easy to use but also customizable according to your requirements. To unlock more features and enhancements, consider exploring the subscription plans offered by these AI Art Generators.

FAQs – Free AI Art Generators from Text to Image

  1. Is there a free AI that turns words into images?
  • Yes, many free AI tools turn words into images. These tools provide credits that you can use to generate AI images using prompts.
  1. How to create AI art for free?
  • You can create AI art for free by signing up for AI tools that turn words into the image of your choice. Enter prompts related to the image you are looking for, and the AI will generate an image for you.
  1. How does a text-to-image AI generator work?
  • Text-to-image generators, like DALL-E 2, are trained on massive datasets of text and images. They sift through this library, learning the connections between words and visual elements, and generating images based on prompts.
  1. Are there any free AI image generators from text?
  • Certainly, options like Craiyon and Soulgen can easily generate images from text for free.

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