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TikTok is Experimenting with a New Feature That Uses AI to Create Prompt Based Songs

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TikTok's Innovative AI Song Feature

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is making waves in the tech world with its experimental "AI Song" feature. This cutting-edge functionality utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate songs based on user prompts, providing a unique and entertaining musical experience. As of now, AI Song is available to a select group of users, aiming to explore the boundaries of creative expression rather than producing the next viral hit.

The Technology Behind AI Song

AI Song leverages Bloom, a powerful language model, to craft lyrics based on text prompts entered by users. This dynamic fusion of AI-generated lyrics and pre-saved music catalogs within TikTok results in an unconventional yet intriguing musical output. Jonah Manzano, a TikTok user, demonstrated the feature in a walkthrough video, showcasing how users can input prompts like "Going to concerts," "A new beginning," or create custom prompts to initiate the song generation process.

Crafting Your Unique AI-Generated Song

Upon entering a prompt, the app swiftly generates lyrics tailored to the provided text and pairs them with music from different genres, allowing users to switch between "pop," "EDM," and "HipHop" vibes. The result is a distinctive song with lyrics directly influenced by the user's input.

Guidelines and Future Developments

While AI Song opens up exciting possibilities for musical exploration, TikTok emphasizes certain rules for its usage. The feature cannot be employed to harm minors, spread false information, defame, impersonate, or harass others. As with any experimental feature, it remains uncertain when or if AI Song will be rolled out more widely, and TikTok has hinted at the potential renaming of the feature in the future.

TikTok's Musical Evolution

TikTok's venture into AI-generated music aligns with its broader push into the music business. The platform launched "TikTok Music," a subscription-only music streaming service, to compete with industry giants like Spotify and Apple Music. While the service is yet to be introduced in the United States, the filing of a trademark application for "TikTok Music" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggests an imminent launch.

Q&A Section

Q1: How accurate are the lyrics generated by AI Song?

A: The accuracy of AI Song's lyrics depends on the robustness of Bloom, the language model powering the feature. It's important to note that errors may occur, and the same lyrics could be generated for different users.

Q2: Are there plans to expand the availability of AI Song?

A: TikTok has not provided specific details on the wider rollout of AI Song. As with any experimental feature, its availability may change, and the company has indicated the possibility of renaming the feature in the future.

Q3: How does AI Song compare to similar features on other platforms?

A: While YouTube has its "Dream Track" feature, and TikTok parent ByteDance launched the Ripple music production app, AI Song stands out with its AI-driven lyric generation and dynamic music pairing, offering a unique musical creation experience.

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