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3 Best InVideo Alternatives For Video Editing in 2024

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Overview of InVideo – The Online Video Editor

Before exploring InVideo Alternative, let's know the basics about InVideo itself. It is an acclaimed online video maker, that boasts a user-friendly interface, diverse video templates, an extensive media library, and real-time collaboration features. Despite its popularity, InVideo has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Pros:
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Variety of video templates.
    • Extensive media library with quality stock videos.
  • Cons:
    • Limited advanced editing capabilities for animated videos.
    • Some templates and multimedia content may feel generic.
    • Pricing plans may not suit all budgets.
    • Pricing:
      • Free: 6000+ templates and an AI script generator.
      • Business: $15/month (billed $180 annually).
      • Unlimited: $30/month (billed $360 annually).
InVideo Alternatives

Learn more about InVideo in this article: The Best Text-to-Video AI: Unleashing the Power of InVideo for Seamless Video Production

InVideo Alternative #1: Synthesia

Synthesia stands out as a revolutionary online video maker utilizing AI technology for text-to-video conversion. This tool empowers users to create dynamic videos without extensive video editing skills, offering AI-powered video creation for efficient results, high-quality output with realistic avatars and lip-syncing, and voiceovers in 120+ languages. While it provides a free trial, its pricing plans may not be suitable for all budgets, and it has a limited template selection compared to some other tools.

InVideo Alternatives
  • Pros:
    • AI-powered video creation.
    • High-quality output with realistic avatars and lip-syncing.
  • Cons:
    • Limited template selection.
    • Pricing plans may not suit all budgets.

Comparison with InVideo

Unlike InVideo, Synthesia transcends stock footage, enabling users to bring scripts to life with AI and lifelike avatars, eliminating the need for costly video production equipment.

InVideo Alternative #2: Fliki AI

What is Fliki?

Fliki stands out as an AI-based video generator, known for converting text to videos with professional-grade voiceovers. It supports a vast array of voices and languages, offering a high level of personalization.

Who Should Use Fliki?

Fliki is ideal for podcasters, audiobook creators, video creators, social media marketers, bloggers, and digital marketers. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible regardless of the user’s skill level.

Key Features and Pros of Fliki

  • Over 1900 voices in more than 77 languages.
  • Features like AI avatars, PPT to video, and auto-summarization.
  • High-quality voice output and automated content summarization.
  • Fast and friendly customer support.
  • Limited credits in the free plan.
  • Basic: $8/month
  • Standard: $28/month
  • Premium: $88/month

InVideo Alternative #3: Heygen (Movio)

What is Heygen (Movio)?

Heygen, formerly known as Movio, is a unique app that allows users to create professional human-like videos. It focuses on making video creation accessible without needing advanced skills.

Ideal Users for Heygen

Heygen is tailored for advertisers, educators, and businesses who need quick, engaging video content. It’s also suitable for corporate training and customer assistance.

Key Features and Pros of Heygen

  • Features like AI Avatar, Text to Speech, and FaceSwap.
  • High customization options with various avatars and voices.
  • Excellent mouth and face animations in avatars.
  • Potentially expensive for regular users.
  • Complex platform due to advanced features.
  • Essential: $30 - $180/month
  • Pro: $225 - $600/month


Which is the best InVideo Alternative for non-professional users?

Fliki is highly recommended for non-professional users due to its simple interface and extensive voice options.

Can Synthesia be used for professional business presentations?

Yes, Synthesia's array of features and custom avatars make it ideal for creating professional business presentations. Synthesia is the no 1 InVideo Alternative in the market.

Is Heygen suitable for creating educational content?

Heygen's easy-to-use interface and customizable avatars make it a great tool for creating engaging educational content.

Is there a free version of InVideo?

Yes, InVideo offers a free version for users to try the editor, which includes 6000+ templates and an AI script generator.

Can I use InVideo on YouTube?

InVideo is a versatile tool that can be used to create videos for various platforms, including YouTube.

Ready to try AI video editing software?

Create an account and get started using Synthesia, with full access to all 140+ avatars and 120+ languages.

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